Club cheerleading lacks cheer

Alexis Poletti, Staff Writer

Many sports are on hold right now, including club cheerleading. Recently the Tri-Town cheer team had a competition in Florida canceled due to the coronavirus, but the team is making the best of it.

Since they can’t go to the gym and practice, they are doing classes and conditioning over Zoom in order to stay in shape for when they come back. Their season could be over.

Freshman Miah Arevalo said that many on the team didn’t care at first, but they slowly realized how serious the situation was. The girls shed many tears since they have worked so hard all season for it to end abruptly. 

Having sports is very important to people’s mental health. Not being able to go practice with their friends is affecting them a lot. Getting out of the house and practicing is a good way to “escape” from stress, problems, and toxic family issues. Those not dealing with stress still miss seeing their teammates daily.

Despite all of the negatives that this virus is bringing, there are positives too. Freshman Harley Zeigler says, “We can take more time for ourselves.” Others say this is only making their team stronger. This has been a struggle for everyone but they’ve handled it very well. With everything they are going through, they hope to come back next season better than ever.