Deal Joins DAHS

Ty Hoffman, Staff Writer

The new calendar year brings a new assistant principal to the high school. Brian Deal will be joining us just before final exams.

Deal was previously a school counselor at Dauphin County Technical School. He worked as a school counselor for nine years. Before that he was a juvenile probation officer in Adams County for 14 years. Deal said, “While I didn’t work for a particular school district as a juvenile probation officer, I did often collaborate with administration, school counselors, and other school employees from various school districts in the Adams County area to assist students that I supervised on probation.”

Deal chose Dover for the convenience of being close to home and being a school that places value and importance in career and technical education. “The opportunity to advance my career, stay connected with C&T, and work in an excellent school district that is close to my home led to me applying and graciously accepting the position,” said Deal.

He will be contributing to building a positive school culture and atmosphere by building student relationships. Deal said, “The opportunity to transition into an assistant principal position allows me to continue expanding my opportunity to make a positive impact on students.”

Deal’s responsibilities will focus on underclassmen. Principal Jennifer Fasick said, “He will be responsible for attendance and discipline for the ninth and tenth grades. He will also be the administrator who oversees enrollment for the York Adams Academy. In addition, he will be working with the World Language and Fine Arts departments.” 

Deal looks forward to supporting students in all of their endeavors. He said, “Though I have had my own children compete against Dover, as they attended Delone Catholic, I am ready to cheer loud and proud for the Eagles.” 

Deal replaces assistant principal Jason Derr who left in October.