Plunge planned for Special Olympics

Madeline Hamm, Staff writer

On Jan. 21 Dover Area High School will be participating in the Gifford Pinchot State Park Polar Plunge. This event is hosted by the Pennsylvania Special Olympics.

This is our first time joining such an event. “The hope is that this becomes an annual tradition for both staff and students to assemble a team and have some fun outside of school,” bocce head coach Justin Oswalt explained.

The goal of this event is to raise money to help local Special Olympics programs. Everyone that participates in the plunge is asked to fundraise or donate for their cause. Many participants have found creative and easy ways to raise the money that they wish to give away. “I’m using my social media to not only promote the plunge, but to raise money for Special Olympics PA,” said Oswalt.

One reason Dover plans to participate in the Polar Plunge is because the school offers a sport run by the Special Olympics. “Being a part of the Unified Bocce Team, we must have three Special Olympics activities,” Oswalt said. The first school wide event is the “Fans in the Stands” home opener on Jan. 12. The Polar Plunge is the second event, and the third activity has yet to be revealed.

Not only does this experience mean a lot to the teachers at Dover, but it means a lot to the students as well. Freshman Aiden Phoukeio said, “To me this fundraiser means an opportunity to support others and an opportunity to do something fun with friends while helping others in the process.”

Any student who participates in the Polar Plunge will be offered community service for their time. “Students will receive seven hours of community service for showing up for two hours, jump in the lake at Pinchot for a few seconds, dry off, and warm up,” says Oswalt. Participants not only get to help a great cause, but they get to help themselves with a graduation requirement as well.