NFL hosts unprecedented virtual draft

Ryan Floyd, Staff Writer

For the first time in sports history, a completely virtual NFL Draft was held. The draft lasted three days on April 23-April 25. 

The first round was on April 23, the second and third rounds were on April 24, and 4-7 of them were held on April 25. This draft got the best viewership of any draft and was definitely different from any other draft in history.

Usually, the draft is held at a stadium or big building that can hold about 9,000 people. But due to the Coronavirus, it obviously couldn’t be held in a big arena. All the GMs drafted from the comfort of their own home. Most people were excited to watch the draft, including Dover student CJ Morris. 

Looking forward to the draft, he said, “I think it will be as exciting because it’s something new, and since we don’t have sports currently, it’s almost like a sport to watch at the moment.” 

As everyone knows, sports are cancelled as of right now, and we don’t really know when they will return. Everything from baseball to the NBA are on an unknown timeline. 

The draft was available to watch or hear on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Radio, SiriusXM, Westwood One, and fuboTV. The NFL was the first sports league to do a virtual draft due to Covid-19, and the NBA is planning to do the same thing when it’s time for their draft. 

During this time, sports leagues across the world need to become creative and innovative, and that’s the example the NFL set.