Trip planned to DC

Alexia Turovich, Staff Writer

Washington DC, USA skyline on the Potomac River with Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Arlington Memorial Bridge. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

2020’s Covid-19 pandemic took many opportunities away from students, such as the class of 2024’s 8th grade Washington D.C. trip. Thankfully to social studies teacher Teri Marlowe, the class of 2024 is now able to take their once promised trip to the U.S. capital. 

When Marlowe learned that this year’s 8th graders would be going, she thought it was a good idea to plan a high school trip as well. Marlowe says, “The DC trip has only been in the works since the fall of this (school) year… we found out that the 8th grade trip was approved and that enabled us to plan a trip to DC for this year.” 

The trip was opened to juniors first, but sophomores (who also missed their trip) may also be invited. Marlowe said if, “we don’t get too many juniors to sign up this year…we will open it up to the sophomores first then the freshmen.”

Marlowe has many plans for the trip and the students. “If we get 100 students to sign up it will include a tour guide to explain the monuments and memorials.  Then we will go to the Holocaust Museum and tour as well.” 

Junior Denise Paz-Guerrero expressed her interest in going on the trip. “What intrigued me the most about the trip was the idea that we will visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. In 10th Grade English and World History, we studied the atrocities that occurred in WW2, and walking around the museum will provide a powerful lesson to all who visit.”

This trip offers lots of different and new experiences for students who are interested in attending. Marlowe and Paz-Guerrero both explained how this will be a very beneficial experience for students. If you’re a junior interested in going on the trip, stop by Marlowe’s room for more information.