Students to stage Outsiders

Trinity Walker, Assistant Editor

Pretty soon, students will take on the roles of greasers and socs on stage. The Outsiders was chosen as the fall play due to senior Lily Richards suggesting it during her Advanced Theater class last year.

Director and theater teacher Jamie Brandstadter went through about four scripts for the play to choose the one for the fall production. The production will require many students in order to pull it off. Brandstadter said, “The play requires at least 15 people in the cast, but I would like to include an ensemble as well. We need people to be in the tech crew, three or four in the booth and two to four on each spot.  I am still on the fence about the stage crew because of the nature of the set, but I would like to have a couple of people on props, and we will need two people on curtains.” 

Richards said, “The Outsiders became an idea when I decided that it might be great to use a nostalgia purpose. I remember the excitement there was when it was brought up with Andrea Spalla and Mrs. Brandstadter. It became something that we wanted to do since most kids had read the story.”

Ever since the play was chosen, Brandstadter and her students have been hard at work with props, auditions, and set preparation. The preparation started last spring, and the play is now well on its way to being a great success. Auditions have ended but extra help with stage crew would always be appreciated.

Richards is unfortunately unable to be a part of stage crew or the cast, but she still helps on weekends when she can and is excited to see the end result.

Tickets will be $7 per adult and $5 per student. The production will run Nov. 18 and 19.