NBA 2K20 is a waste of money

Ryan Floyd, Staff Writer

NBA 2K is a very successful game. With over 10 million copies being sold each year, most people might not know the shady business practices of this company.  Allow me to inform you of the mistake you’re making each year you buy this product.

What is there to be said that hasn’t been said already? Money. A compact disc embedded with code to be inserted into a $300 gaming system is $60. For some, that’s a lot of money. Add that to the virtual currency that many users buy to upgrade their character to an 85 overall, just to be somewhat competitive with other online players on launch. If you buy the maximum amount of “VC” to upgrade your player, you’re spending $160 on one game, just to be able to compete with other players on launch.

On top of wasting money, this game is consistently atrocious for the first month of launch. There are always bugs to fix, and glitches to patch every single year. This year especially, people were lagging in “MyCareer games,” an offline mode to help grind out your character. 

Many popular 2K content creators even hate the game but play it only to have a paycheck in their account every week. Also, those same content creators believe that 2K pays game rating websites and magazines to give them a good rating every year.

NBA 2K is also one of the most toxic gaming communities to be in. Along with never listening to their customers who just want a good basketball video game to enjoy with their friends, this game gets the Royal Ryan game review rating of a 4/10. It’s a horrible game, and every person who works at the headquarters should be ashamed of the unfinished product it releases to the world every year.