Controversial books: to ban or not to ban?


Books are being banned from so many areas of the country, and it’s something huge in today’s society. I feel as if there is no need for books to banned because people feel a certain way about the book. This should not interfere with other people’s interest in reading.

I feel this way because one might have interest in reading that specific book or they enjoy that book. If it is banned, they won’t have a chance to give their feedback on what they thought. They could have really enjoyed it and could’ve loved sharing it with other people. Or, if they simply did not enjoy the book then they might not read or touch the book again. When people say not to read something, it makes you want to read it. People are going to try to get access to these books and try to read them. They want to have a freedom to read books.   

Some of these books hold important messages. These messages could help people out. Parents might even want their kids to read books because it would do a better job of explaining ideas than what they could. In my opinion, people are interfering with other people’s interest in reading. They are preventing people from reading really good books, because most of the banned books are books that won prizes, indicating that they’re really good books which give out good lessons. People who decide to ban these books do so because it offends them in a way or just think people shouldn’t read it because of the reality of what the story is. Books that are being banned or challenged could help give out a better idea of how life is and help out with people and their problems.