Avatar Way of Water Falls Short

Savanah Dawson, Staff Writer

The new Avatar movie was released on Dec. 16, 13 years since the movie came out. I enjoyed both movies, however I will say the first one is better in my opinion. I will explain why.

First off, the new Avatar is three hours and 12 minutes long. It is a very long movie, which some people like. I wouldn’t mind it, but they used a lot of boring filler scenes. They seemed to have gone off track of the storyline multiple times and had scenes that really didn’t make sense. But again, they are making more parts to this series which means those scenes could connect later, but I just feel like some things could’ve been left out.

Another thing that I didn’t like about the movie is specifically the fight scenes. There are so many tribes of Na’vi on the island of Pandora, yet somehow every time the sky people caused a fight, it seems like there was a select group of Na’vi that fought against them. In the last fight scene, a whole bunch of them showed up to fight, but by the end of it, only the people in Jake’s group were there, basically going one on one with the general.

One good thing I’ll say about it is that the graphics are some of the best I’ve ever seen in any movie. The way they created the magical creatures such as the dragons and the tulkuns in the water was really cool. I also enjoyed the plot about the whales, specifically the outcast whale Payakan because he came back to help the Na’vi during their fight. I feel that if Lo’ak didn’t befriend him, the end could’ve gone way different. 

Overall I will rate Avatar Way of Water a 7/10. The plot was good but a little slow, but the graphics in the movie completely make up for it. I enjoyed the first movie a bit more just because I think the plot was more meaningful and interesting to watch, but I would still recommend this movie.