To graduate early or not

Madeline Hamm, Staff writer

Have you ever thought that it would be better to graduate in your junior year? You would have only had three years of school and you would get out of so much work, but is it really the best idea? Here is a pros and cons list to help guide students in their decision.

One of the most persuasive pros in this decision is the ability to have more time to work and accumulate more money. Working and having more money can make it a lot easier on students when they do decide to go to college.

Another pro, is to start college a year earlier. This would give you a kick start on your academics and allow you to graduate college early as well.

Even though the pros seem good, the cons seem a little worse. A con that can weigh you down is the idea that you may fall out of a “school routine”. If you don’t go to college right after high school, it makes it a lot easier to not go at all. Becoming unmotivated is a lot more common when you take a year off.

The last con I had found is missing out on senior activities. A lot of students say that their senior year is the most enjoyable and graduating early makes you miss all those potential memories.

In the end, to graduate early or not, is a decision only you can make. The pros and cons are obvious, but they may not weigh the same for everyone. Students have graduated early before and done amazing things; students have also graduated early and are never heard of again. Regardless of what you decide, know one will make this decision for you, only you will.