How do you learn best?

Miah Arevalo, Staff Writer

Everyone is different. Everyone learns differently. Some people prefer online and some prefer in-person. I personally prefer in-school learning. Although I don’t like to wake up and come in, I just learn better when it’s being taught in front of me.

Online could have some benefits as well. You might be the type of person who works better in quiet places. At home, you could have your own place to do your work. No one would have to bother you. It could be helpful if you’re taking tests, reading, or just doing some type of independent work.

Online in some ways could get difficult. When you’re online learning, subjects like math and language classes might be difficult for some people, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t join Zooms as often, it can be hard to teach yourself those types of things if you miss them. Sometimes, with being at home, you may not “feel like it” some days and it might cause you to slack off. Attending school in person to me just seems simpler. But again, everyone is different and learns differently.