Galligani Commits to Buffalo


Gemma Galligani signs her National Letter of Intent to continue her track and field career at The University of Buffalo. Alongside her are coaches of the teams she took part in at Dover.

Brooklynn Orr, Staff Writer

Senior Gemma Galligani committed to Buffalo University to continue her success of being a track runner.

The process of having to choose a school can be rigorous. Galligani had to visit multiple schools, and know what the environment was like to know whether she liked it or not. Galligani said she “adored the team and coaches (at Buffalo), also the school itself; being compatible with her interests.”

Having a role model to help you push through a sport is great motivation. Galligani’s role model would be counselor and varsity club adviser Mark Smith. She thanks him for pushing her to always do things and motivating her to keep going.

With having so much freedom and also with the feeling of winning, it definitely helps with the love for the sport and motivates you to keep going. Galligani “adoring the sport and environment” helped her love the sport.

For Galligani, failure keeps her motivated. “Failing and disappointing people is heavy. To stay motivated, keep going and make yourself proud and others as well,” she said.

Galligani’s track coach Josh Brandstadter helped her continue her success. Brandstadter said Galligani is great to work with and has “the enthusiasm and drive needed to be successful” which has helped influence younger athletes, also making it easier for coaches. Galligani is known for always pushing herself to be better and doesn’t necessarily need so much motivation from her coaches to do so.

Galligani’s mindset has changed over the seasons. She’s more focused and serious about it competing. Galligani being a competitive person and a great sport will make her a great fit at the University of Buffalo.