Joke of the Day gets lots of laughs


Behind the scenes set for the Joke of the day.

Jordan Clark, Staff Writer

The joke of the day is a well-established part of our daily announcements. Every morning it’s just before the Fasick Feature. It has become the segment to tune in  for a laugh.

Undertaken by senior Daniel Perkins and junior Phoenix Calhoun, together they host the joke of the day with a schedule that Calhoun said helped make the joke of the day run more smoothly. “It hasn’t been difficult, as Mr. Smith has a schedule up to rotate through who does and doesn’t do the joke of the day.”

With what may have been a rough start, the morning announcements had a difficult beginning to the new school, with Perkins saying, “In the past, some of our difficulties have been finding our footing and the host. With finding our footing, it took a while to find stuff such as our camera positioning and possible transitions, but now the show runs relatively smoothly.”

The host is another vital aspect. Having a charismatic person who has some energy is super important. Perkins said, “It’s different having a new host, but there aren’t any problems putting a new person in when one leaves.”