Students Countdown Till Christmas 

Emmanuel Palmer, Staff Writer

On Dec. 7, student council and Principal Jennifer Fasick presented the high school with the 12 days of Christmas. 12 Days of Christmas are spirit days that are holiday themed.

The original idea was Fasick’s. She said, “It started a few years ago during COVID when we were trying to find fun things for students and teachers to do.” Spirit days like these were created for the students and teachers to have fun and increase the school spirit. The Student Council has taken over since then, and it is now out of Fasick’s hands. 

There are many themes to choose from. Fasick stated that her favorite day is Christmas Twin Day. This is the day where you find a partner and dress the same to match with them. “I’m looking forward to seeing high numbers of participation and the creativity from the students and staff.” 

Faculty members are encouraged to wear spirit wear to promote morale. When students see their favorite teachers participating in the spirit days, it helps with school spirit. Students are more likely to participate when they see their teachers doing it as well. 

Student Council Co-advisor Robert Eshbach also helped these 12 days come to be. He said, “Seeing school spirit increase over the course of the 12 days as the holiday gets closer” is his favorite part. 

Eshbach doesn’t have a favorite theme; he enjoys all of them. He said, “I enjoy seeing the students go all out on each day.”

Eshbach and Fasick both state that the members of Student Council are the ones who need the recognition for these 12 days.