Students prepare for homecoming

Claire Matz, Assistant Editor

Homecoming week is almost here, and this means that it’s the beginning of Dover’s seasonal activities. Junior Aiden Shepro said, “It’s always been a tradition for the events such as a parade and a pep rally, but they are just now being brought back as we have finally gotten over the majority of the pandemic cautions and warnings.”

Planning includes coming up with themes and events that go along with homecoming. “We originally had a grouping of a few different theme ideas that we looked at over the summer, and we decided that none of them really fit what we wanted so we brainstormed new ideas,” said Shepro. After having the summer to plan and come up with new ideas Shepro said, “MaryAlice (Craig) suggested Candyland which was then majority voted on by the officers.” 

Another huge part of homecoming is the spirit days. Shepro said that the spirit days are thought of by the officers and the advisors of student council. Then after they have ideas they introduce them to the rest of the student council members to be voted on. Spirit week culminates in the pep rally on Friday afternoon.

The student council learned from past years what works for homecoming. “This year’s homecoming will be different as we have a different DJ. We will have a lot more decorations due to a stronger theme, and there will be cafeteria decorations up from each of the classes.” 

Student council looks forward to seeing how all of the planning pays off.