Holiday Concert Highlights Choral Program

Claire Matz, Staff Writer

On December 11, at 7 p.m, there was a Holiday Concert to ring in the new year and celebrate Christmas approaching in a few weeks. The Dover community came together and celebrated with Christmas songs.

This concert is just one of four the school will be a part of,  but there are fifteen to twenty concerts a year for Standard 12 and Renaissance, the choirs that students had to audition to be a part of. Choir direction Samantha Roberts, who has been leading the choir for around nine years and has 150 students in the choir program, said, “I have six choirs that performed. We do an audience sing-along for Silent Night with candles at the very end (of the Holiday Concert).” Roberts also said that the choir has been practicing since August. 

During the concert, the Festival Choir sang “Tidings of Comfort and Joy, and “Stars I Shall Find.” The Men’s Ensemble performed “One Light”, and “Bethlehem Spiritual”. The Concert Choir sang “What Child?”, and “Let the Stable Still Astonish.” The Standard 12 choir performed “The Christmas Song and “Let it Snow.” The Women’s Choir only had one song to sing, which was “Joy To The World.” Renaissance did “Hurry Now to Bethlehem” and “Do You Hear What I Hear”. Finally, the last two songs that were performed were “White Christmas” and “Silent Night.”

Senior Rowen Holder, a member of Concert Choir, Women’s Choir, Renaissance, said her favorite song was “What Child?” Holder said she has “been singing in the chorus (at my church) since I was five years old. I joined the elementary school choir in fourth grade and have taken part every year since.” Rowen is just one of the many dedicated students that helps bring all of these concerts together.