Ney Returns to the Classroom

Jack Cuffaro, Staff Writer

While most people spend the last few years of their career looking forward to retirement, for a select few retirees, getting back into the workforce actually becomes a consideration. 

Take, for example, Dover Area High School English teacher Cassie Ney, who recently came out of retirement to fill a vacancy in the English department. Upon hearing Dover was in need of a teacher, Ney felt like she owed it to her old friends and colleagues to come and help pick up some of the slack. 

Department members were surprised to see her back in the classroom. “I was shocked she did this! I’m not sure I could do the same thing. When I retire, I think I’ll stay retired,” said DAHS alumna and English teacher Barbara Lomenzo.

After all these years, Ney says it’s the opportunity to learn something new everyday that keeps her teaching; “Even if it’s a lesson I’ve taught for years, when you’re with a new group of people, you get different aspects. You always find there is more to learn.” 

Although it may only be a short return, Ney’s time back at DAHS will surely be savored, with Lomenzo again stating, “She is helping the English department out by filling in for another teacher. She brings balance to people, so I know she is helping those students who have her.”