Lax love lost

Maximus Cruz, Staff Writer

Senior lacrosse player Hailey Stonesifer has been playing ever since she was in 5th grade. When asked why she joined the lacrosse team she says, “I was bored and had nothing else to do.” Stonesifer grew to love the game and feels she has improved because of her time on the high school team. 

Stonesifer says, “I have gotten a lot better since the first time I played. I was like a failing player and now I’m like a solid B player.”Stonesifer does plan to go to college at Shippensburg University but will not continue her lacosse career at college because she feels she’s lost her passion for lacrosse.

Some of that may be because of the changes to her senior season. Because of Covid, the team is required to wear face masks during practice and games. Covid also affected the amount of people who could watch their games because not as many people could attend due to restrictions placed by the state.

This year has been rough for the lacrosse team and Stonesifer. Because of the challenges of this year, Stonesifer says, “I personally cannot wait for this year to be over.”