Cast THING performance shines

Kendall Swift, Staff Writer

This year, the Dover Drama Department showcased the Addams Family as the 2021 musical. It tells the story of the eccentric Addams family as their daughter Wednesday falls in love with a boy named Lucas. The story revolves around love, relationships and keeping secrets. In order to ease coronavirus concerns, two separate casts held performances. Cast THING featured sophomore Bobby Repp, sophomore Kylie Snelbaker, senior Lauren Waits and junior Rowen Holder..

Thanks to a change in the capacity restrictions, I was able to see Cast THING perform live on Saturday, March 6. Despite loving the musical and the original Addams family production itself, there were a few mistakes that were uncontrollable by cast members. For example, there were some minor issues with the microphones that occasionally made it difficult to hear the dialogue which made it difficult for those attending the in person performances, much less watching it from home. 

However, I feel the positive aspects of the musical certainly outshined the issues. The cast did an amazing job of giving the audience a sense of family. Watching the musical, it was easy to pick up the sense of togetherness that the Addams family is known for. Also, characters such as the Grandma, played by junior Sophia Giuffrida, and Fester, played by senior Landon Patrizio, brought humor to the show and added their own twists. The music itself was enjoyable, especially the instrumental music coming from the pit orchestra.

It was easy to tell the hard work that the cast members and pit orchestra put into perfecting the music. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience and was on-par with previous productions the drama department have showcased.