The 12 Days of Christmas Brings Staff Unity


Ava Maliszewski, Features editor

Right before Christmas break staff members participated in “The 12 Days of Christmas” on the days leading up to the holiday break. Each day between Thanksgiving and Christmas break was a different themed day to dress up for. One day was flannel day; another was character day. Many staff members dressed up in the best outfits with some staff members even participating from home.

It was a fun and creative activity that many loved. “I enjoyed the level of dedication that some of my colleagues put into their outfits, it made me smile and laugh every day when their emails would go out with the picture of their latest outfit,” said Mr. Curtis Poorman. Teachers like Mrs. Jennifer Miller, who was quarantined midway through the days, participated while at home. She said, “I participated every day, even when I was home and quarantined, and I absolutely love theme days here at Dover!!”

With there being so many fun theme days, many people most enjoyed character day and Grinch day where staff went all out. With everything going on with COVID, many looked forward to seeing the fun and creative ideas teachers put into their outfits. Not only did the staff do it, but some students even joined in on the fun after hearing about the themes for each day.