Our Dover Eagles can FLY

Rowen Holder, Staff Writer

From October to May high school sophomores and juniors from over twenty York County high schools participate in Future Leaders of York (FLY) to hone their leadership skills through community-based projects.

Two juniors from Dover were selected to take part from the 2022 class: Caitlyn Laird and Nora Craig. Both were nominated based on their leadership skills displayed in the classroom and extracurricular activities.

Laird is “a section leader for cymbals in drumline, section leader in a few choirs and an overall leader in the classroom.” Laird also is an active member at her church, and she enjoys participating in fundraisers and other programs to help her community.

Craig shows leadership in other ways. She states “I was nominated for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) leadership conference over the summer. I also was named captain of the varsity girls soccer team along with being a member of girls varsity swimming and diving.”

The FLY students took part in a retreat on November 13th. There they got to know the rest of the 2022 class, learned how to work together even when disagreements occur and the traits of a good leader. During the rest of their time together, the students will be able to meet new people and learn about York County’s services, which include: government, human services, business, and the arts, among others. They also meet with community leaders and learn from their experiences.

This program also allows students to discuss their viewpoints on community issues and students can engage in service initiatives. Participation in this prestigious program is by nomination only. “I accepted this opportunity to build friendships with other people around the county, learn how to become a better person/leader, and serve the community,” says Craig.

Laird and Craig look forward to using the skills they gain from this program in their future leadership endeavors. “In the future, I want to become a teacher. The skills we are learning such as problem-solving, and proper leadership skills, will help me become a teacher who provides for my students,” says Laird.

FLY is helping Dover Eagles become the best they can be; leadership helps students soar into their dreams.