Dover Eagle earns Eagle Scout

Rowen Holder, Staff Writer

Dover Area High School senior Spencer Mefford has recently done what only 8% of Boy Scouts of America ever accomplish: earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

To do so, Mefford needed to complete a final Eagle Scout Service Project, demonstrating his leadership ability while contributing to the local community. Mefford set out to renovate the floor of a parlor room at St. John’s Church. “We had to rip up the old plush carpet, see how well the floor held together, sand it, stain it, and then apply polyurethane,” Mefford said regarding the details of his project. 

Senior Alexander Eisenhour, who was also working toward the rank, decided to fix up the courtyard at Lieb Elementary. “[Principal Jody Wickenheiser] believed that the new courtyard would give everyone a space that they could be proud of, and use it as a learning tool or reward to good students,” said Eisenhour regarding the genesis of the project. Eishenhour was unable to complete the project.

Apart from providing a service to the community, both Mefford and Eisenhour believe that scouting has allowed them to become better people and citizens, with Eisenhour commenting,“Scouting has continuously made me rethink things I have done or said. I try to have a lot of fun as many know, but I live my life by the morals of scouting and try my best to be a good person.” Mefford feels similarly about his time as a scout saying that it has allowed him to come out of his shell. 

In addition to a final community service project, Eagle Scouts must have earned a total of 21 merit badges, including 13 Eagle-required badges, as well as holding a leadership position for at least six months as a Life Scout (the rank just below the Eagle Scout). For almost their entire lives, both Mefford and Eisenhour have abided by the Scout Oath, staying physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.