Kromka Joins DAHS

Paris Dugan, Sports Editor

Michael Kromka is Dover Area High School’s new assistant principal. He is looking forward to building relationships and making a positive impact at DAHS.

After graduating college, Kromka started in education teaching 7th grade math at Williamsport Middle School. When Kromka moved to south central PA he accepted an 8th grade math position in Mechanicsburg. He said, “I got into education in the first place because I love doing what I can do to have a positive impact on the lives of students.  I miss my classroom, but I wanted to chase an opportunity where I could keep working with students while also developing more skills in a leadership position.”

Kromka also has experience as a basketball coach for middle and high school student athletes. As a former student athlete himself he would challenge himself in the classroom. Kromka said that “because of workload, athletics, and other miscellaneous concerns, high school was definitely difficult at times for me.  That said, it helped to develop work ethic and prepared me for where I am today and for that I am thankful.”

Kromka’s biggest goal here at Dover is to be able to say he gave his all. “This involves being there for and having a positive impact on students and staff to the best of my ability.  Some days I am more successful at this than others but I will continue to do my best,” said Kromka. Kromka wants every student to know that he believes in them and cares about them. He is here to support students through high school but also ‘prepare them to be productive citizens after graduation’. 

Kromka only wants one thing from the school and student body; positive energy! He said, “There is a big difference between bringing energy and bringing POSITIVE energy!  If we stay positive – I know that can be very difficult at times – and respect one another then we will have a great year.”