Coronavirus impacts college football recruiting

Dylan Dawson, Staff Writer

The pandemic that we’re all experiencing right now impacts just about everything in one way or another, including college recruiting with both positive and negative effects on the process.

College football recruiting is a very unique and special process, experienced by some of the best football players in the country. Recruits can no longer visit schools in person, not only hurting players but also coaches.

Some recruits have decided to move their commitment up, because they’ve already seen what they need to see, and are ready to commit to a school. Others who had visits scheduled during this time, can’t attend their visit due to the pandemic so they are forced to sit back and wait. 

Landon Tengwall, a four-star offensive tackle who is rated as the #43 high school juniors in the country, committed to Penn State during the shutdown (March 26th). He was originally planning on committing in late April, but he says the pandemic forced him to move quicker. “It messed up my commitment schedule, I was forced to push it up to an earlier date. I’m not able to take anymore visits for a while, so that made me decide to move it up.” 

Tengwall claims that the pandemic has both helped and hurt him as a recruit. “It’s made me not able to train with my trainer, so that hurts me, but it’s also given me more time off from school to be able to focus on football.”