School lunch handouts helping many people during quarantine

Thomas Uttley

The people of the Dover Area School District are dealing with the quarantine of the coronavirus. The school’s administration has decided that instead of bringing the school lunches to the students, the parents and students will go to Weigelstown Elementary School to pick up the lunches. The administration has made sure that all students get breakfast and lunch five days a week. They have also given a calendar to show what lunches and breakfasts the students get for each day. This has given relief to the parents of students who aren’t in the greatest financial situation.

The amount of lunches needed to supply people has been a great stress for the cafeteria workers when it comes to the time they need to make the lunches and to the safety of protection of everyone. They need to use protective equipment, such as gloves, to make sure germs don’t spread. Our students should thank the cafeteria workers for their hard work. The students should also thank the administration for setting up these arrangements to lower the risk of students getting sick. These men and women have helped the students in an exceptional amount of ways.

During these less than perfect times we should never forget the people who stepped up to make this situation as normal as possible. As students, we should make sure the appreciation is shown to those people that are still out there doing the essential jobs that need done. These people have worked tirelessly to make sure our needs are met. When this is all over, may we never forget the sacrifices these people have made.