Exposing NBA 2K: Part Two

Ryan Floyd, Staff Writer

NBA 2K review has let us down. From the overpowered animations to the unequal playing field due to virtual currency. This is coming from someone who just got finished raging at this game for its unfair pause timers in MyTeam.

Let’s get into the horrible aspects of this game and why it is an unplayable game from the start. Starting with the animations: they are destined to happen no matter how prepared you are. In this awful game, a Pink Diamond Stephen Curry card in MyTeam could dunk over a Galaxy Opal Shaq. A Pink Diamond Russell Westbrook, who I just got done raging at, can have all his team’s points and not get tired at all. Then there are the pause timers.

Why would 2K allow another player to quit the game and receive a win because their opponent had more than five timeouts? Let me walk you through it. Everyday, it’s something new that’s broken. First, there’s a “MyCareer” glitch where players can be 60 overall, but have the attributes of a 99. Then in MyTeam, one single card could ruin your whole day. After two straight wins, I experienced a Pink Diamond Russell Westbrook that could not be stopped. He dunked on my center twice, and 2K knows these kinds of events go on. 

The MyCareer glitch went on for months. Yet, 2K only fixed a VC glitch, because players can actually have fun while grinding their MyPlayer. 

The grinding is so tedious and boring, I have to take many breaks just to get him to a 90 overall. This is unacceptable for NBA 2K, and they have done absolutely nothing to console their consumers. This has to be stopped, and I can’t wait for NBA Live to take over 2K as the basketball game to play.