Spring Sports: CANCELLED

Niya Allen, Staff Writer

Empty locker rooms and locked away uniforms is the new trend for Dover Area High School’s spring sports as the coronavirus pandemic creates a halt on sporting events. As the seniors say goodbye to their sport legacies, the remaining classes are left to reflect and look toward what next year’s season will bring.

Freshman girls’ lacrosse Player Ciara Robison was looking forward to taking on the field with her fellow teammates this spring. “I could tell it was going to be a good season,” Robison stated after her first scrimmage with her team went very well. “I did not think sports would completely shut down… I was very upset… I was really excited to try a new sport, but now I have to wait until next season,” she said of the closure of her sport due to the pandemic. Although she wanted to experience her first year, she looks to the positive side and states, “I have three more years and I will for sure be coming out next year!” 

Sophomore baseball player Sam Bortner was hoping to make the varsity team this year. After his JV team went 0-17 last year, they were all attending winter workouts to follow in the footsteps of last year’s varsity team that made it to districts. He stated, “I was sad and almost cried. I was personally looking forward to going as far as we could into the playoffs. I texted a bunch of seniors and said it was a good ride,” when he found out sports were cancelled. 

As our baseball team moves into Division I next year, Bortner feels at more of a disadvantage than the fall and winter sports, as he states, “At least they got their reps in, we didn’t have the privilege.” Yet, he knows his team will come to compete next year. 

Junior boys’ volleyball player Owen Davis was ready to improve his teams skills this season. Davis stated, “Our team was very inexperienced, so I wanted to help my teammates obtain a love for the game to help expand the program.” He was extremely upset after hearing the cancellation of his season. “We will have to reteach the basics,” he says as his team will not have the ability to grow before the next season. Davis plans to maintain his skills by practicing at home until he can return to courts next year.

Even though these players and their teammates didn’t get to play their games this season, they’re ready for the seasons that await!