Freshman enjoys musical experience

Landen Day, Staff Writer

Freshman Jensen Glatfelter was one of many performers in our school musical, Les Miserables, this year.

“The most important qualities to excel in this role is someone that isn’t afraid to sing out and can show great and powerful emotion,” Glatfelter states. He and his peers performed outstandingly for the musical. “I think some shows were better than others, but overall I feel I have performed good,” he said. 

He performed well for all of the shows but added, “There is always room for improvement and I could have sang out a little louder.” Glatfelter faced multiple challenges when performing in the musical. He claims the biggest challenge for him was, ”the emotions that I had to put into the role to act as if it were real.” 

Though some people get nervous or experience stage fright when they see a large crowd of people in front of them, some people are the opposite. Glatfelter says, “The first show was a little nerve racking but after that, I got used to it.” 

Now that Glatfelter has experience with participating in a school musical, he said that he would definitely participate in future school musicals because he enjoyed “coming together everyday to perform and rehearse the musical and show everybody the story behind it.”