Fasick Finds New Home


Imani Whyte

Mrs. Fasick with pictures of her and students from Cedar Cliff, a previous school she worked at.

Imani Whyte, Staff Writer

Jennifer Fasick is Dover High School’s new principal. Even though this is her first time as a principal, she is not at all new to leadership roles. She has had seven years of administrative experience (four years in high school as an assistant principal and three years as an intermediate school assistant principal). Dover is especially familiar to her. She grew up in the West York area and regularly engaged in activities that many of our students do today, such as going to golf or getting ice cream at Bill Mack’s. Mrs. Fasick was so inclined to take this position because she missed high school and enjoys it more than middle school. “The conversations you can have with students, the activities the students are in, the organizations, and the positive relationships” are all a part of what she missed about working at a high school.

While working at Cedar Cliff, she also enjoyed the relationships she built, and a lot of them were still in touch through social media. In Dover, she sees that our major strength is our students and staff. On the other hand, something she believes we should and can improve on is our school pride. She states, “We say ‘Dover Proud,’ but I don’t know that we show that pride, so I think (something we can improve) is how we grow as a community and how we support one another to come together and truly be ‘Dover Proud’.”

Mrs. Fasick has many goals, but her most important priority is to first listen to what the student body and teachers want from the school before imposing her beliefs. However, she wants to see more participation in school and make sure that everyone is involved in something to ensure that more people are “Dover Proud.” To Mrs. Fasick, Dover Proud is when we, “support one another whether it’s athletics, whether it’s academics, whether it’s personal issues that are going on, but that we have strength in the community and we support each other in all walks of life.”  She wants to bring energy and relationships to Dover, and also consistency in who the principal is.

In the future, she sees the new high school as a fresh start that ultimately will allow more momentum and engagement from students. “Students are always the number one (priority).” Fasick wants open relationships with students. She wants a door directly in her office to communicate with students any time. “I couldn’t imagine doing any other job…It’s what drives me,” she explains “…Students are our future they are the ones that are going to be leading our country so why not invest in them?”