SkillsUSA highlights student talents

Imani Whyte

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SkillsUSA, a sister club to DECA and the FFA, is a fairly new organization to Dover that highlights different talents that students have. These skills are part of the CTE programs that revolve around graphic design, photography, cosmetology, engineering, agriculture, and much more; this provides students with a new aspect of education by preparing them for the workforce.  However, Dover is extremely rare in that it is not a tech school but it has CTE program. SkillsUSA also has a competition where students from different schools participate in challenges regarding a specific skill they have mastered. Participants  are split up into their specific niche and then compete for a few hours in this multi-component contest. After the challenge is completed students are able to regroup with their class and have lunch. Then finally they go to the awards ceremony where the winners are announced. Kaylee Renfrew, a member and officer for SkillsUSA, describes it as her, “Entire future,” and goes on to say that, “I think that’s the same for a lot of people.” SkillsUSA helps develop much needed qualities and experiences students require for their future. Renfrew says, “We are doing amazing things. Last year was our first year competing and we had multiple people taking home first place and second place awards. We might be new, but we are a force to be reckoned with, and we want people to join.”  

To join this immersive club, SkillsUSA, talk to an officer or Mr. Smith in room 157.