Frightening fun to be had at Field of Screams

Zach Murtoff, Guest Writer


Last Saturday, I took a trip to Field of Screams with my family, and it truly was a blast! By far it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. When you aren’t being chased by chainsaw-wielding maniacs, you are walking through the Den of Darkness. 

The Den of Darkness was the darkest of the four attractions and demanded us to crawl through a small section of the building, not the most fun when you’re holding a booklet and crawling over bodies. The Donor Dinner Party was a welcome addition to the Den with some of the most grotesque body horror I’ve ever seen. 

Then, we ventured into the Frightmare Asylum, which honestly wasn’t as scary as advertised. The only time I was actually scared was in the building when I got hit in the face by something I was unable to see. 

The two attractions that I loved the most were the Nocturnal Wasteland and the Haunted Hayride. We went through the hayride twice, and the first time we got poor seats beside the speakers, which was way too loud and not enjoyable. The second time, however, we got front row seats which was significantly better than being in the back where you are less likely to be interacted with.

The new addition was rather boring and both times we went through the attraction, it broke. Either cages would break open when they shouldn’t have or doors wouldn’t close when they should. Nocturnal Wasteland was lackluster with few real scares and amazing locations like they advertised. The new swamp area wasn’t actually a swamp and more just a special effect they did with fake water. Honestly, I was expecting to get muddy like you do during the fun run they host. My family and I were unable to talk to the host of the night, but from what I read in the media kit, it would seem the place started quite literally in the owners’ parents’ cornfield and just evolved from there. 

I feel that even if you only get one chance to go, you need to take it. This place will definitely cause you some scares.