Dover’s Fresh New Faces in The Athletic Department

Makayla Paules, Staff Writer

Dover’s athletic department lost many of its experienced players and coaches last year, and this year the focus is on restructuring our sports community, starting off with the coaching staff. Last year, many coaches left to pursue other hobbies, so this year Dover received six new coaches to help student athletes have the best experience possible during their season. 

Alysha Sweitzer is the new high school cross country coach for the 2019 season. Sweitzer said, “I decided to coach for Dover because I love cross country running and graduated from Dover too. I simply want to encourage our runners to have a fun and competitive season.” This is Sweitzer’s first season coaching for a cross country team, and she plans to come back in the following years. 

Carrie McQuiston is the new junior high cross country coach for the 2019 season. McQuiston decided to become a coach this year because the previous coach, Butch Denoncourt, approached her and asked her if she would be interested in coaching this year. She went out on a limb and did it and has loved it so far and cannot wait to return next year. 

Crystal Kohler is the new junior high Field Hockey coach for the 2019 season. Kohler works for the school district already and even played field hockey throughout her years of going to Dover. She coached for Eastern York before joining Dover this year, and plans on continuing to coach for Dover next year.