DECA introduces ALS Fundraiser Project

Ava Maliszewski, Features Writer

DECA recently announced their new project with the ALS Association of Greater Philly with a goal of raising $5,000.

The DECA group has recently been starting a drive for ALS to help give people affected by this disease. The teacher behind this group, Mrs. Kress, discussed the group and why they chose ALS. “They (the students) choose the cause every year… a student’s father had the disease and after he passed it means even more to us.”  So not only are they supporting something, but it’s helping a student with his own grief. They have many things set up to help raise money with shirts, coin drives, football games and even a Car Show. Students who are a part of DECA encourage others to join the events to help support ALS. Whether it’s just buying a shirt or donating a dollar it helps a lot no matter the price you give.

Already they have raised money from t shirt sales and the car show hosted by the DECA group—and there is still more time to raise money, and we as a school have already raised more than the $5,000 goal.