Why “Black Lives Matter” matters


Marquan Flowers, Guest Writer

The Black Lives Matter movement is a good thing because it shows that black people continue to fight for equity.

It shows that black people will fight for equity in a peaceful way. It shows that they will not use violence to get the point across but use their voices as weapons. The main idea is to get to a point that young black men should not be afraid when they see a cop. Every time I see a cop my stomach drops to the floor, and that shouldn’t happen. I should feel safe.

Kneeling in the NFL has been tied to the Black Lives Matter movement. Even though Colin Kaepernick was kicked out of the NFL, he didn’t let it discourage him. He went to great lengths and sacrificed to get his point across. As a result, he was able to partner with Nike to get his voice out there.

This movement follows in the vision of Dr. King to do everything peacefully. For the most part, the movement has been peaceful. Things are changing, but we still have a long way to go to show the future generation to fight for the change they want to see in the world.