Tech in our schools: an invaluable resource


Mikaya Wood, Guest Writer

In today’s day and age, technology is slowly taking over our everyday life. The idea of including technology in the classroom is something that seems to be becoming a reality. Over 75% of schools in the United States use technology in the classroom on a daily basis, and  65% of these say that it is helping students more than ever. Even colleges are beginning to put textbooks and class work onto laptops or iPads. This is a huge benefit for today’s students. Most students are very tech savvy and use their phones and/or computers every day. Having technology in classrooms helps engage students more than old fashioned paper and pencil.

Communication between students and their teachers is so much easier now that most schools have equipped students with computer technology. If a student has a question about an out-of-class assignment, they can email their teachers to ask and get an answer without having to wait until they have that class next. Also, many teachers use the application “Remind” to send out messages to remind students of important information such as test, homework assignments and due dates.

Having most, if not all, of students’ school work be digital also helps with organization for both the students and the staff. Students have all of their assignments in the same place without the worry of losing papers.This also helps with grading. Teachers and staff have all assignments in the same place, which makes the grading process easier. They can use online grading programs that allow students to access their grades anytime. This helps students keeping track and staying on top of their grades.

Some of the only reasons that some school districts have not switched to an all-digital classroom setup is due to budgeting or convenience. iPads and computers are very expensive, so many schools have an insurance policy in place on every iPad or computer given to their students. With this, if the device breaks, they are able to repair it in a timely fashion and won’t cost the district more money.