Students need cell phones in school


Mackenzie Emig, Guest Writer

All schools should allow students to carry their phones with them during school.  Many teachers, parents, and staff believe that phones are a distraction, but students viewpoints are very different.
Allowing students to have their phones during school teaches them responsibility and decision making. Students have to decide when it’s a good time to be on their phones and when it’s a bad time. They also have to be responsible and manage their work and not be on their phone when they’re supposed to be working. After high school, when you get a job you’re most likely allowed to have your phone with you most of the time, so having phones at school teaches students about the real world and helps to prepare students for the future.
Also, some students can’t drive yet, so they still rely on their parents to take them places. Having a phone at school helps parents communicate with their children. For example, if a student needs to stay after school to finish a test or make up work then they have to let their parents know when they need picked up. In addition, people that play sports would need to communicate with their parents about a change in a sporting event or practice.
In certain classes, teachers assign partner or group projects which require you to have to communicate with your classmates. If you have one of these projects due and you want to find time during school or right after school to do the projects, then you need some form of communication in order to make those plans and a cell phone is the perfect device that will allow you to communicate with your peers.
Cell phones can be used in many ways and can help us advance in our future. According to, cell phones will become even more popular in our future, and we should start getting used to them and using them to our advantage now. Technology and cell phones in general are advancing everyday and are being built into careers, so students should start incorporating technology into their everyday life.