Tech Team Teaches IT skills

Alexia Turovich, Staff Writer

The high school’s technology department has assembled a team of students to create a tech team. These students are responsible for many things dealing with student and staff technology. 

The tech team is extremely diverse to helping to helping with iPad issues and also gives people who want to be in the technology field experience. Media specialist Samantha Helwig said, “They manage the Help Desk and any troubleshooting that comes with it, they set up iPads for new students, they call AppleCare to report broken iPads and initiate the repair process, they create tutorials and guides, informational videos, run their own website and YouTube channel, and in their spare time code apps that could be helpful to either the team or the building (like the PROUD app).” 

Students find that being on the team is a great experience for them. Sophomore Shaylan Tucker said, “My favorite part about being a part of the tech team is the community. You really do find people who have similar interests as you and want to pursue technology in the future.” Tucker also expressed how she’s planning on continuing with technology in college. 

Anyone who has an interest in technology is able to join the team, even without having any experience. Helwig said, “Members must have an interest in technology and/or helping others. Originally, we had a requirement that students must have taken a Computer Science class before they could participate, but the team voted last year to abolish that requirement to make the team more inclusive.”

Many new things are coming to the student team from new rules to even new member positions. Helwig said, “Since last we have a new board of officers, including our first-ever sophomore president, Logan Mitchell. They plan to make changes to the team’s structure, to include subset like esports and photography/media, again to be more inclusive. Finally, they continue to decide how they will leave their legacy, like do they want to work more on the website than coding?” 

The tech team is open to all students. Applications will be accepted in the spring for next school year.