Swimming takes to the pool

Savanah Dawson, Staff Writer

As December and colder months roll around, so do winter sports. Swimming and diving is in full swing now with three meets so far since the season has begun. The most recent was on Tuesday, December 13 against Spring Grove Area High School.

Coach Lauren Craig provide scores: “Dover boys’ varsity was 110, while Spring Grove boys was 66. Dover girls’ varsity was 98, while Spring Grove girls was 86.”

Junior Ethan Downey was pleased with his results. He said, “I feel satisfied with my times for the first meet of the season, however I’m very eager to get faster. I think I could have gone faster, but that gives me all of the more drive to improve going forward in the season.”

Craig had some expectations for the last meet which were met. She stated, “We hoped for fast times, not to finish last since we still got points, and we wanted to swim hard.”

As the season goes on, so do the goals and preparations for each meet. Craig said in order to prepare for the next meet they are, “Working hard in practice. We also have goal sheets hanging up on the walls that the students utilize to check off as they achieve those goals.”

Downey is also getting ready for future meets. He said, “To prepare for our next meets we are all training very hard at practice and focusing mentally, as our mental strength and confidence going into swim meets is very important.”

There is a decently long schedule ahead of the team with the boys and girls varsity’s last meet on Thursday, February 2. The teams hope to finish the season with a winning record and possibly a division title.