Students audition for High School Musical


The official cast for this year’s musical rehearses after callbacks and auditions conclude.

Gracie Yerges, Staff writer

This year’s musical, directed by Jamie Brandstadter, will be High School Musical. Auditions will be held on December 12th and 13th after school. 

Of the audition process, Brandstadter said, “We hold dance and vocal auditions first to see potential, and then we do callbacks.” During the callbacks process students get a chance to audition for specific parts by reading and singing. 

Junior Sanyah Roloson will be auditioning this year. She says, “The audition process is nerve-wracking in the moment but relatively easy all together.” Students learn the dance, audition with the dance, and must have a song prepared to sing.

Brandstadter hopes that many people come out for auditions. “I would hope that a lot of people want to come out and be a part of it because it is a really fun show with a lot of positive energy.”

The musical can bring people together because students will be spending a lot of time together. It also is surrounded by a lot of positive energy, making it easy to have a good time.

Roloson likes a lot about participating in the musical. She says, “I love the performance aspect of it and it’s so fun just sitting in the dressing room with all my friends and just talking.” Roloson does not have a specific role in mind this year, she just hopes to be a part of it.