Girls Swimming Starts Off Strong


The girls swimming and diving team placed 3rd at the Eagle Invitational.

Ty Hoffman, Staff Writer

At the beginning of December our Dover Eagles hosted the annual swimming invitational. With a total of 16 schools competing, our girls swimming and diving team placed third. 

Junior Eliza Burrage has been swimming for 11 years. Her specialty in swim is the backstroke, and she really likes where the team is. Burrage also said that she was very proud of how the team competed. “We were up against 16 teams and were not far behind the other teams. We had about two weeks of practice before the meet so we felt very ready,” said Burrage.

Senior Nora Craig has been swimming competitively since she was four. Her mom, coach Lauren Craig, is the reason for her getting into swimming. She always said that she “loved it.” This year Nora is going to be focusing more on her 200 and 500 freestyle. “The girls team has not placed since I’ve been there,” said Craig. She also said, “the invitational was a great start to our season.”

The team is hoping that the invitational is a good indicator of what’s to follow. “We all still have a lot of work to do, but for how early it is we did very well,” said Craig. The invitational does not affect the regular season it just gives the team a look into the future of what the season can bring.