Pets Are Not Gifts


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A Chihuahua peeks over the edge of the photo and has a red bow on its head. There are festive Christmas bokeh lights in the background.

Savanah Dawson, Staff Writer

As Christmas rolls around, all kinds of holiday activities are occurring. This comes along with gift giving, which is a really fun thing except for when people buy animals for others as gifts. This is one of the worst things you can do, especially when you’re not sure if that person is even capable of taking care of it.

Statistics show that 6.3 million animals enter animal shelters each year due to negligence. People abandon their pets for all kinds of reasons. 

People underestimate the cost of the animal and its needs. The initial cost of the pet may be cheap, but aftercare probably isn’t. Not everyone is able to afford an animal, and therefore they shouldn’t own one if they can’t provide its basic needs.

Another reason is that not everyone has time. People work and have lots on their mind that takes time away from their pet. Not every animal is fine with being stuck in a cage all day alone.

There is also the problem of space. People need to consider how much room the animal needs and if they’re able to accommodate that.

The most important part is commitment. People give animals as gifts with no thought if that pet will be kept forever in that same home. Things change, people’s lifestyles change, and you need to be sure that the animal is able to go along with those changes. 

I hear of animals all the time being dropped off outside or at shelters because of all these reasons. Those are exactly the reasons why you shouldn’t just buy someone a pet as a gift because it seems cool. Make sure that person is aware and okay with what you’re doing, and do your part to know that the animal is going into a safe environment where it can live its life out fully.