Sociology class improves social skills

Jordan Clark, Staff Writer

Who you are and why you are the way you are is vital information for you to know. The study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society is covered in one of the social studies department electives, sociology. The class can teach students a great deal of knowledge about themselves and the world around them. 

Sociology teacher Teri Marlowe and her class study sociology in a way that focuses on the reality of life. Marlowe states, “The class teaches real-life skills to my students. For example, we do a Real Life project in which students are given jobs and have to plan out three months of their lives while dealing with real-life events.”

Teaching the different theories in sociology also opens students up to thinking about different perspectives on everyday topics, leaving students more mindful, conscious, and aware of their surroundings.

Senior Morgan Geibel says, “Knowing why people tick has always been something fascinating to me and getting to see how masses of people behave and why is always delightful. The conception between the students and the teacher shows a deep connection brought by the studies taught and learned in the class.”

It is Marlowe’s hope that students will begin thinking critically about life after high school and outside of Dover. Marlowe says, “skills learned in sociology help widen the perspectives on the world, learning about people and places that usually doesn’t pertain to the usual day to day life of a high school student in Pennsylvania.”