Basketball gets bouncing

Madeline Hamm, Staff writer

The winter sports season is under way, and the boys basketball team is hoping for a great year.

Junior Logan Schade said, “The whole team overall is pushing past their comfort zone, getting us better everyday.”

Not only do the boys want to have a better season overall, but they are hoping to win against West York. “They beat us pretty bad last season, and who doesn’t love a big rivalry game,” said Schade.

Another important team the boys are going against is Eastern York. “We beat them one of the two times we played them (last year.) But this season I think we can pull away with two wins against them,” Schade said.

This year the boys aren’t focusing solely on being as good as they were last year, but trying to grow as a team and reach farther in their goals. Schade hopes to take on a leadership role. “It changes how I act towards them (the underclassmen), being an upperclassman makes me want to play more in the leadership role,” he said.

Schade added that some of the underclassmen look to make a big difference for the team. He said, “We have younger guys stepping up and playing like they’re juniors and seniors.”

Not only do the boys hope to win; more importantly, they love to play the game. “I do it because I love it and it brings me excitement,” Schade said. “Every kid on that team shows up each night because they want to be there. They play under the pressure because it is their passion.”

Their first game of the season is Dec. 6 at South Western.