Married to a coworker


Mr. and Mrs. Karras are on their way to the art room. The photo is from the 2003’ yearbook.

Jack Cuffaro, Assistant Editor

Anyone who has taken an art class at the high school knows that our art department consists of spouses, Andy and Lisa Karras. The couple have worked alongside each other in the Fine Arts department since the late 1980s. Lisa says, “I threw my hat in for the job as an arbitrary shot in the dark and just so happened to get hired.”

Although the first time they thought they met was while working at Dover, they went to art school together but never had a conversation until Dover. “It was a surprise when we realized this wasn’t the first time we met. The interaction brought us closer for years to come,” Lisa said.

One benefit of working side by side is the ability to constantly alternate ideas with each other on new ways to better their classes. Andy said, “It’s a pleasure to have someone who knows you well enough and long enough to understand your concerns.”

With plans to retire not far off, the couple stays busy. 

Equally, or maybe more busy, is the pair of Brandstadters in the building. They have become a big part of the Dover community, just as the Dover community has become a big part of them.

Before working here, science teacher Joshua Brandstadter taught at Delone Catholic. He said, “It was a no-brainer to at least apply since she was already working here. We both figured it would make our lives easier.” When Joshua got the job at Dover, not going in separate directions made their lives easier.

English teacher Jamie Brandstadter states, “We still drive separately because of the various other activities we participate in outside of teaching.” Both stay busy while simultaneously assisting one another. She directs the fall play and the musical; he helps build the set. “With our schedules filled, we rarely see each other; but we make the best of the moment when we do,” Jamie said.