Field of Screams provides frights and fun

Trinity Walker and Tressa Slater

America’s number one haunted attraction, Field of Screams, is sure to give you a scare for the ages. From the Toxic Wasteland, making sure you’re not pulled away in the sludge to never be seen again, to the extremely realistic hayride, Field of Screams has frights for everyone. 

The Frightmare Asylum was by far one of the scariest haunted attractions we experienced. While waiting for entry to the asylum, barricaded doors with chains rattled and creaked while the screams from inside chilled us to the bone. Once you enter, you have to go down two small flights of stairs then enter the first part of the asylum. Actors strapped to tables, screamed for help, while begging you to stay and grabbing at you while others jabbed at you with torture devices. Not far into the asylum you’re met with a tight cramped hall that you must squeeze through, causing us to feel claustrophobic and trapped, with no escape possible. Part of the floor sank and squished under our feet as if we were walking across water and specks on the floor made it seem like bugs were on our feet as well. The halls were dark, and actors jumped out from corners to grab you or follow you down halls. Greeted with more stairs and people grabbing at your ankles, you find the exit only to be chased down and away by a maniac with a chainsaw, jabbing at your legs and hip.

The Haunted Hayride, the newest attraction, is the most interactive attraction and will for sure make you quake in your boots.  The ride starts off with you getting greeted by a giant pumpkin with a very eerie and drawn out voice stating “You will never make it out alive of this haunted hayride.” Then the tractor starts moving once the pumpkin stops talking. You are sprayed with smoke, and right after the smoke clears you are pulled into a slaughter house where you are met with the butcher who will attempt to take you away to become like his pigs and turn you into “bacon.” After the slaughter house is finally over, you’re met by the evil scientist who is working on his subjects. This scene, by far, was the scariest in the ride as it was the most realistic and made your heart drop to your stomach. The rest of the scenes were just as interactive as each had their own special effects and details to make you grip at the edge of your seat, wanting even more of this breathtaking ride. 

The Nocturnal Wasteland is one that will make you feel like you’re a mouse in a maze trapped for eternity. You start the ride off by being admitted by a man who is wielding a large sword; he gives you a mischievous grin before letting you in. You are greeted by a creepy smog that blinds you and are met by a group of actors who want you to stay on their bus and join their endless game. You walk through the rest of the attraction with anticipation waiting to be jumped at or grabbed. Once you reach the middle of the wasteland you are met by a large metal conducting pole that shoots electric shockwaves, and you have to walk through a very thin, claustrophobic walkway to get past it. Then you enter into a room with green lasers that create the illusion that you are walking into toxic waste while your legs are being grabbed by actors trying to take you under with them. Once you reach the end of the ride the adrenaline rush you had wears off, but you leave the attraction itching to get more of the Toxic Wasteland.

The Den of Darkness, while at the bottom of our list, is no walk in the park. The dark halls and mazes were impossible to see in. You constantly bump into things never knowing if it’s a prop, an actor trying to grab you or another poor victim also trying to escape. Before entering, you’re put against a wall and one is chosen to enter without the rest of the group. After a few moments the rest are allowed to enter the dark and dimly lit rooms. Within minutes of entering, you’re sprayed with “seasoning” as a psychotic man shouts that he must season you properly for his master. Soon after you enter a kitchen full of objects and bodies hanging from the walls and ceiling like pigs in a slaughterhouse. Further into the den, women in nice dresses and bottles of booze asked us to dance and party, who quickly angered when we walked on and ignored their invites. We were then forced to crawl into a fireplace which led to a small cramped crawl space. It was nearly impossible to see and you quickly become an easy target to be grabbed. Forced to crawl over a body and out, you soon find yourself exiting the den only to be chased away by a maniac with a chainsaw. 

Each attraction left chills running up our spines and although very frightening had us craving for more terror. The Field of Screams is sure to give you a wonderful night filled with screams of horror and delights.