Sing 2 brings music and laughter

Tressa Slater, Staff Writer

Sing 2 was an exceptional movie to watch, from the graphics that were shown, to each song, to the new characters who were added. It had more action and a ton more laughter than Sing. 

There were major differences between the movies. Sing 1 had more of an intro to the movie and the characters and how they got Mr.Moon’s theater moving in the industry. In Sing 2, Mr.Moon’s theater becomes a huge hit in his city, but he wants to take the show to the big stage in Redshore City.

A very popular character, Jonny, who has a teddy bear-like personality sings the song “A Sky Full Of Stars.” This scene is by far my favorite in the movie. It has so much action and showcases Johnny’s special gift and the dancing talent he learned from his choreographer. The person that plays Johnny, Taron Everton, has a gifted voice, especially in the scene when Johnny sings in the restaurant “Nothing Holding Me Back” by Shawn Mendes.

Porsha Crystal, another character in the movie, is also the daughter of Jimmy Crystal who owns the Redshore City music theater is involved in the movie. In another very popular scene in the movie, she sings “Could Have Been Me” by Halsey. This specific scene is very special to the movie since the lyrics of the songs have a deeper meaning behind them. Also, the special effects and the stage set added way more sparkle to this part of the movie. S

ing 2 has an abundance of laughs and heartwarming moments. If you enjoy these types of movies then this movie is for you to watch!