District Acknowledges Homelessness Awareness Week

Jayden Jackson, Staff Writer

National Homelessness Awareness Week was recognized from Nov. 15-19. 

Homelessness is a worldwide problem. The US has over 500,000 people that suffer from homelessness and hunger daily.  Approximately 17 in 10,000 people are homeless. DAHS is helping to fight for this cause by holding a coin drive for the homeless in the community. Students are to bring in any spare change and donate it to the coin drive bucket. High School Principal Jennifer Fasick stated, “I think this is a wonderful opportunity for students to have a chance to help others and bring awareness to the cause.”

Dover also gives back by doing food drives where students bring in any canned foods to be donated to the homeless. All students and staff at DAHS are encouraged to participate in these acts of service. Freshman Jocelyn Perri stated, “I usually participate in other things like the food drives.”

DAHS teachers believe it is important for students to be aware of societal issues, such as poverty, homelessness, mental health, etc. DAHS spreads awareness of these issues through the following programs: New Hope Ministries, Next Door Program, Covenant House, and Cornerstone Youth Home, which all support kids in need. Director of Social Work Services Kirsten Johnson stated, “There are a variety of reasons that it is important for students to have an awareness of social issues, such as homelessness. Some of these reasons are related to developing awareness and empathy, perspective taking per se. Our student body is extremely diverse in economics, race, religion, family composition, etc. Understanding that your peers’ lived experience is different from your own may assist in understanding one another more fully and with more compassion. This perspective taking may also help our students experience gratitude for what they do have in their own lives.”

On November 19th, teachers were able to have a  “Dress-Down Day” in exchange for a five dollar donation towards the coin drive. This was a great opportunity to raise more awareness and funds for the cause. Fasick stated, “All buildings did a dress down day last Friday for the cause. All participating staff members paid $5 a person.”