Mailey Named Rotary Student of the Month

Tressa Slater, Staff Writer

Senior Ronan Mailey was named the Rotary Student of the Month. This prestigious award is given to a senior that is nominated by a teacher. The award is a representation of a student’s hard work over the years, and it also highlights the students’ accomplishments. 

Mailey explains, “Receiving this award meant so much to me as I was the only one selected out of the entire senior class. It felt like a lot of the hard work I put in and out of school was being recognized and was even paying off… I believe I was the first person nominated for the year so far.” 

Mailey worked exceptionally hard throughout all his years in high school, and it meant so much to him that he was selected. Mailey was also the only senior nominated for this award out of the whole senior class this month. 

Science teacher Matt Spahr states that, “Mailey has a great sense of humor. In the environment he’s working in, he always knows how to keep it light. He would always show his best work in the hardest units and would always get top marks. He’s also the type of kid you can joke around with, and he will give it right back to you.” Spahr has many great memories with Mailey and feels he is an extremely well-rounded person and the type that you always want to be around. 

The Rotary Student of the Month award is a beyond-gifted award to be given as a senior. Not only is it rare, but it shows what the student has accomplished over the years.