Stage crew family supports Little Women production

Elisee Okenge, Staff Writer

Next Friday and Saturday the high school will present the 2021 fall play, “Little Women”. Everyone involved, especially the cast, are beyond excited to show the whole Dover community the final project of their hard work, but behind the scenes of every great production there is also a hardworking stage crew. 

Stage crew is the people behind the scenes, where the audience can’t see, the ones in charge of moving scenery, special effects, keeping track of all props, and even operating lighting and sound systems to make sure the final production of every play is as close to perfection as possible.

“Being a part of the stage crew is like joining another family you never knew you needed/wanted. Every person is welcoming and supportive, you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes because they lift each other up, and always work together to find a solution to every problem. Joining stage crew is just an overall great thing to do with even greater experiences”, stated sophomore Phoenix Calhoun. Calhoun and sophomore Brianna Donat both expressed that joining stage crew was a great decision. Although they aren’t performing on stage, they still get to be a part of the production.

Senior cast member Emily Skelly said, “Stage crew plays a very important role. Without them the show wouldn’t be able to go on properly; it would be very hectic.” 

Skelly, Calhoun, and Donat are all more than excited to show not only their peers but also their family members and the Dover community their hard work. 

Skelly said, “I am most looking forward to performing for our audiences. I love hearing all the positive feedback from others about the show and it’s nice to see all our hard work pay off. It’s something special when you’re performing and hear the audience laugh and know that you’re part of it, that’s bringing joy to others.”