Soccer season comes to an end

Tressa Slater, Staff Writer

The girls soccer team had a season full of moments of happiness, nail-biting, and new friendships. The season didn’t turn out quite how the team wanted it to, but it will be one to go down in the books. 

Head Coach Matt Spahr said, “We had some bright spots; we did have some games that did get away from us, but we had some really strong performances at the end of the season that give us hope going into next year.” Spahr emphasizes that this season wasn’t the greatest season we have ever had at 7-10-1, but we had many bright spots this season to build on. With so many young players gaining experience and returning next year, the future for this program and these girls are bright!

Senior goalkeeper Cici Miller, who was honored as a Division I 2nd team all-star says that, “overall, I enjoyed this season because of how we played like a family and had more wins overall this year. I wouldn’t want my season to end any other way.” Miller plans to pursue as a career in trades, and she is hoping to play for Pennsylvania School of Technology. Miller shows that she enjoyed this season overall. It had been more united as a team than ever before, making it very memorable for everyone.

They had more wins this year than last year, making the performance on the field more known to the teams around us. Freshman outside back Chelsea Wise believes her favorite moment of the season was, “the  JV game against Central York. They are a pretty tough team, but we kept the score pretty close and played very well. Our defense was on point, and our offense was able to make some pretty key plays to keep the score 1-2.”

Wise explains that, “even though we had some games get away from us, the JV game against Central York was the game that showcased the potential and talent we have on our team. Since Central is such a powerhouse in our division that we were able to hold our ground against them gives us plenty of hope for the seasons ahead.”